9 Tips and Tricks to Make Cooking Faster, Really Effective!

9 Tips and Tricks to Make Cooking Faster, Really Effective!

Cooking takes a long time. No wonder so many people decide to order food instead of having to bother cooking.

If you feel that cooking is a complicated thing, then you don't understand some of the tips. Try to follow the tips and tricks for cooking to make it faster, as reported by Readers Digest below!


1. Before doing all the cooking process, turn on the stove or oven, boil the water first, because it usually takes quite a while


2. Use scissors to cut the vegetables straight into the skillet or bowl. Of course, after washing it


3. Wash vegetables and fruit by placing them in a colander. So it's more efficient


4. Cut all ingredients together. Place the garlic, red, ginger, or chilies on a cutting board and chop them together


5. Slices of meat that are too thick make the cooking process take longer. Cut the chicken or beef slightly thin, so that it cooks faster


6. Grate the vegetables instead of chopping them. Grater can save time.


7. Pour enough water when boiling food, not too much. Make sure the food ingredients are submerged, cover the pot, let it boil quickly


8. Use frozen vegetables that have been cut. You can put these vegetables directly into the soup stew, without having to cut them first


9. Put food in the oven without waiting for heat. However, this doesn't apply to those of you who want to bake bread