How to Boil Meat 5-30-7, To Save Gas and Soft Results

How to Boil Meat 5-30-7, To Save Gas and Soft Results

On Eid al-Adha, the meat stock is usually quite large and you need to cook fast and a lot for your family. Boiling large amounts of meat can make using a gas stove more wasteful than usual.

There is one solution you can try to boil meat more efficiently and effectively, namely the 5-30-7 cooking method.

"This is a cooking technique that is very efficient in saving costs, especially the gas stove used," said Chef de Cuisine Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Prasetyo Widodo.

According to Prasetyo, basically this is a blanching technique. Blanching is a cooking process in which food is placed in boiling water for a short time.

To do this 5-30-7 method, first you have to prepare a pot filled with water. After that, bring the water to a boil until it's really boiling.

Then put the meat to be cooked into the pot filled with boiling water. Then cook the meat for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, turn off the heat and cover the pot tightly. Leave the meat for about 30 minutes in the pan.

Then it is cooked again for 7 minutes. It (the pan) must always be tightly closed so that the hot steam does not come out of the pan and makes the meat tender, "explained Prasetyo.

The process of cooking the meat continues for 30 minutes, the stove is turned off thanks to the water vapor trapped in the pan.

Therefore, it is ensured that the pan must always be tightly closed and not frequently opened and closed.

It's also a good idea to use a pot with thick ingredients and a heavy lid for a softer meat for the 5-30-7 method.